Mission Statement

Family Doctor

Putnam North Family Medical Center
Mission Statement

Working together to enrich the health and well-being of every life we touch. We put our patients first, with uncompromising personal courtesy, attentiveness, responsiveness, and empathy. As a result, every patient will enjoy complete confidence that they made the right decision in choosing us for their health needs.

Shared Values

Customer Service – Together we create a caring experience, by taking pride in providing service beyond expectations.

· Courtesy – We treat everyone with respect and view every interaction as an opportunity to make a difference.

· Professionalism – We demonstrate professionalism and represent the organization in a positive light through attitude, actions and comments.

· Efficiency – We provide a seamless experience for patients, visitors and staff that is a model of efficiency and coordination of efforts.

Diversity – Respect for individual values beliefs, uniqueness-and differences

· We as an organization seek to have a diverse workforce.

· We respect and value differences in our patients, their families, visitors and each other.

· We respect the life, cultures and beliefs of all people.

Healing Environment – A commitment to providing an environment that promotes an atmosphere of trust, comfort, healing and security. We attend to the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of patients and their families and significant others by:

· Allowing them to verbalize concerns

· We ensure that patients are informed and the rationale and purpose for all procedures is explained to the patient’s satisfaction.

· We encourage positive health practices and wellness programs with our staff and physicians.

Integrity – Behavior that is honest, fair, trustworthy and sincere, demonstrating strength of character
and respect for others.

· We use honest and open communication for the good of others, the organization and the community.

· We maintain the confidentiality of information where appropriate.

· We participate in forums to express ideas and concerns.

· We support the Putnam North Family Medical Center in it’s compliance with State and Federal laws.

· We follow through on promises and commitments.

· We take individual responsibility for the impact of our actions and hold others responsible to do the same.

. Quality – Commitment to excellence in care.

· We maintain a commitment to continuous improvement, seeking to find and implement better ways of doing things.

· We do it right the first time to prevent duplicated work efforts.

· We ask questions to determine the customer’s needs from their perspective.

· We use resources, both human and material, wisely.